The feeling of peace and tranquility

osjećaj mira i tišine

Chries: We’ve already talked about it. This is what A Perfect Day pervasive entirely. In fact, it is the Holy Spirit of the Perfect Day, yes that’s what I say.

Lana: But that feeling… (I was trying to retrieve something intangible with my fingers, to pull the right words out of me by force)

Chries: You know, my dear, this is not just a feeling, it is primarily the presence of peace and tranquility.

Lana: I don’t understand. I’m trying to visualize. It sounds too abstract to me.

Chries: There is a whole range of situations in my life when I was completely covered by that kind of peace. While sitting in the car and waiting for my wife; when we were visiting her stepfather who was in the hospital; while we were walking to our car after work; while sitting in the kitchen and eating; during a meeting with my sister;…

Lana: Was there any particular reason that you “felt” this way?

Chries: These were pretty intense experiences. (he drifted away for a moment) They can’t be explained. I can only try to describe the circumstances during the certain events. In those moments thoughts disappear, we are completely present in the “here and now”. What we feel, the best way to say, are peace and beauty. But as soon as you start to think about that situation, or to wonder what is happening, the experience begins to fade and disappear. And never ever, we would be able to recall, nor predict when it will occur.

Lana: It sounds very interesting.

Chries: And one important thing, I shouldn’t forget to tell. Always, and really always, the presence of peace and tranquility would trigger me to stay within the nature or to have a view onto the nature. I believe that behind all that is a deep connection with the empire of plants and animals… and now my heart flutters when I think of our little brothers.

Lana: Have you ever been afraid of the supernatural?

Chries: I have never been seeking for those supernatural happenings, in terms of appearance of some entities which do not belong to the earthly plane. I was even “afraid” of it. I felt that it could drag me to the unwanted side. The presence of peace and tranquility is a fully adequate target, and can be continuously deepened. Can be started that we “sanctify” a place in our house where we live, or even the entire apartment…

Lana (I step in quickly as it seems to be important to me): Excuse me, what do you mean by “sanctifying”?

Chries: Cause you gonna think positively and try to feel it positive: as a place for resting, relaxation, pleasant moments, protection, where you can be what you are. By time, the room will return it to you, in a way which will fulfil you with good feelings even though you were in a bad mood during the day.

Lana (cheerfully): Nice. I’ll try that immediately.

Chries (through laughing): Necessarily. And so the peace and quiet that we consciously carried into the apartment, and the space which starts to shine after a while, will be a good preparation for the appearance of the presence of peace and tranquility.

Lana (I’m adding): In addition to the practice of A Perfect Day.

Chries: Sure.


End – Beginning

What am I at the end? A child. I need a little encouragement to run out of the apartment and not coming back for days. My best companions are half of my age. I look just slightly older than them. And in the heart even younger.

You can’t hurt me. My sense of importance is disappearing rapidly. I don’t have anything. And I have no demand for. When my life ends I know what I will be again. What I am continuously seeking for. And I already am. Child in pampers.

So do you think that you and me are different?! Unlike? We are not. We are more alike than you think of we are. With only one currently difference. I try more. And after that, making sure even more! I’d finally given up on everything. I laugh like crazy. I enjoy the pain, the effort, the indifference, all over again, with inexpressibly joy!

And you can do all of that too. Or you already do so!? And try and give up, then move on again. You swear! You are tired of everything. And then you wake up incredibly happy, without any reason, and start over again, just like it is your first time…

Now you see. We are the same. I do not see any difference.


I love you whatever you do

I used to meet with friends and drink, though hardly ever. When I see them such happy in drunkenness, I make sure to join them. Their luck becomes mine and the other way around. Otherwise I would not have understood them. What are they into now? Why are they so happy? It is not enough that they just tell me that because first of all I feel. I have to experience that. If you have never had a drink or got drunk, you can’t understand people who do that, regardless of the occasion. If you have a heart, love, drink with your friends. Let their drunkenness become yours. And it is clear that it doesn’t need to become a habit. You will feel when their joy is at the peak – then feel free to join them.

But that’s controversial! So no one can just sometimes look deeper into a glass and be spiritual! Cannot? Only if you believe that spirituality is a black and white thing. And yes, when you chose the spiritual life, secular disappears, everything becomes easy going land of milk, honey and doughnuts. Dream on!

I don’t, please don’t mix it up with the source of happiness. A little drink. A pretty woman. A great job. All this only raises the atmosphere and gives you the illusion of satisfaction. Happiness that comes out of us, is happy to use all of these ‘‘tools’’ to expand its sense even more. First it will appear as a brief moment of pleasure, you will feel at times how you are satisfied with it (without any definition and thoughts). In those moments, feelings of pleasure will come up: just how many wonderful things in life are there that you need to do!

You will rise spiritually and fall many times, in obvious or subtle ways. So what’s the point then? To find beauty in everything! Your will is then in a constant effort to the better. So it will fall off everything that should fall off. And don’t worry if you will start eating meat after ten years of vegetarianism. Or drink a couple of glasses of alcohol and experience the joy and freedom. Instead of criticizing those that have an “unworthy” happy life in grumpy and self-confined way.

The worst thing you can do is that you reproach, create a sense of guilt, because you have done something “contrary” after years of abstinence. With that you imprint a stamp on you how you do something bad. Life doesn’t know any bad. It constantly takes you forward. Even through the deepest downs. Oh, especially through such downs. Because at those moments you needed that. You don’t know why? Don’t worry about it. Look at the sky, the clouds and be satisfied. Life doesn’t ask for more.





Zest for life

Whatever you do in life, one thing is immensely important. How are you committed, how dedicated to that what you are doing. Regardless of whether it is washing dishes, learning, digging canals, working on a computer. Irrelevant. Just get into it whatever you are doing. In a way that you not resist (others if you’re in a team), do not get angry, do not protest. When you make peace with you, and to that it precedes making peace with others, you begin to enjoy your work. You’ve accepted it as such. And this attitude of acceptance will be extended to your wholelife, will help you in any situation. Every goal you’ve set for yourself you fully accept it (as feasible). From that moment onthings and situations which you had once wanted and forgotten about them will start to happen.

If you persevere in your commitment, it becomes a zest for life. Material things and experiences are only a part of it. It becomes a joy that occurs in the most unexpected moments. And it will never occur if are begging for. You just need to live, and from time to time to stop to wonder about the world. Everything has its own unique face, all we need to stop and watch.

When you become enthusiastic, you will become more and more creative. You will start to collect at least napkins, badges, widgets,… and in that choice of yours there will clearly come out your sense of color, form, your creative line. And from that one it is only a small step towards the creation.


The child in you

There is a wide range of work that you are doing. Some of them seem insignificant, while others are sought and highly valued. Everyone would like to be in that second group. That we are asked, stimulated, met demands, and the pay is growing rapidly. Thus we get on the importance, which often grows along with the title (Dr., Prof., BSc, BA.), as well as to our business success. So how we would not act seriously and roughly, when we had so much invested in it. As soon as the others go to pray, we can easily get used to it. If by any chance it does not happen, a small end of the world will take place. Compared to young children who suddenly do not get sweets which they were previously been given on a regular basis. But do not get fooled. This sense of importance is not an elitist sense, reserved for a small group of people, it is literally hitched to each of us. It is just somewhere more and somewhere less expressed. And whenever disappoints you anything, saddens you, when others upset you, arrangements fail, miss an opportunity… you know that the main reason is your feeling of importance.

You had taken the position that radiates and send out messages toothers that mainly upsets their sense of importance.

The cure for this is very simple. You need to discover the child in you.The little one or the other devilish one who were once certainly there. Then it should not be a problem for you! Remember what they were doing then. How they behaved. Did they walk along the road curb trying to balance out? Were they sometimes clapping their hands for no apparent reason? Did they use to laugh out loud, scream of joy? Did they sometimes jump up? Did they let out any strange noises? Yes they did, and much more. And those ones were once you. Become again. Replace your importance to the child in you.


Naughty Trinity

In frequent contact with other people, which comes up the most intense at the workplace, there are mental patterns that hinder us.

“Another’s fault” is the first form (which does not mean that the first occurs in you) which “helps” you shift all the blame to the first available person. Or the one you like least. Thereby you are keeping the saintly image of yourself and have fixed a topic of conversation with friends of malicious behavior of the guilty one.

The second form, “the others are hurting us” also unpredictable in its occurrence, is focused on speech, statements, gestures, posture, behavior, dressing up of others that can be offensive to you. Almost impossible to understand why something of that person is offending you. It is enough to realize that what has been offended is only your structure of honor, dignity, pride, beauty, scholarship, intellect, art of dressing up, tastes in food and drinks, ways of having fun (I can go on to infinity). Only that can be hurt. What you have constructed.

”The Judgment of others” as the third form, also randomly appears as the first two, and just its name explains everything. You only need to add the “negative” prefix. It could also cover the first two forms withal.

Is there a cure for this naughty trinity? Become aware of it, at the beginning, when you do it. With a strong intention, you’ll soon recognize yourself in such situations, as if there would be someone else inside of you. And then you will look less for the guilty party in others for your mistakes and failures, you will not too much take care about that what others say and in their statements you will only focus on the positive side. Or you will try to understand why they say and do so, no matter how much it would hurt you. And if you are going to judge, you will just point out any nice things that you have found. Or you will keep quiet.


 Meditation on the clouds

Sounds like a joke? Not at all, believe it. Wherever you are, you need the connection with nature, which is our original heritage and easily reminds us of our essence. It is easy in the countryside. But in the city… there is also a cure if any park is too far away from you.

Whenever you find some time, after a lunch break, relax in the chair, the armchair, sit or lie down on the couch. It is crucial that you feel comfortable and have a view at the clouds. If you have a physical job and you work outside, just sit down for five to ten minutes after eating, sit back and watch the clouds. Stare at them, at their shapes, movement, without any effort, look at them as at anything else. If you let your mind wander, return it to the clouds. Think about it, if you really have something to think about. It will calm your spirit, make you happy and relaxed.


Only a bit of work and career

Are you satisfied at work? You are? How is that expressed by you? Do you send such a message to others? Yes, you emphasize your merits, how much you have contributed to the company, how much you gain appreciation and support from others. Do you feel calm deep in yourself while you are saying that, or you flashing? A lie is always flashing somehow in you.

Let me ask you in other words. How many of you are actually doing jobs for which you give your maximum because you want to, not because they make you to? How many of you bring a creative strength into the business? You have been divided into two groups. In the first one are those who enjoy their work, they do it with pleasure. In the second one are – all others.

Now we talk to the first ones, to those who had “more luck” in their life. They know very well, mostly on the subconscious level, of the importance of  “circles”. Circle of acquaintances, friends, business and other partners, children your child plays with; the circle of those who help us in our life and the circle of those who we avoid. We will skip the question how many of you has got the job because of sympathy, kinship, male – female relationships, and everything else that can connect people.

You live in circles, you receive and give in circles, according to the principle: how much you give to me, that much I give to you, in the best case, otherwise you take care to tip the scales to your favorite least a little more on your side. You rebel: Everyone is doing like this! It is a question of business prestige, success. Is it? The world collapse if we would be doing differently. Would it?

You understand what I mean. And I can freely to ask the first question once again: Are you satisfied? Is there still a hole in you? To say it better: a dump. You don’t know. What kind of holes I’m talking about? But you know for sure about the restlessness, a kind of discomfort that is constantly present, the one that immediately comes up when you do not have an external impulse (the society, food, drinks, entertainment). This language is about the dump of which I am talking about. It tells you about yourself in this way also without me.

Now we can also let into the room those who had ‘‘no luck’’ in their life. They will close your holes, dispel your restlessness. How? When they look at you, greet them with a smile. When they ask you something, tell them more than they need to know. When they ask you for a favor, help them like they are your loved ones, as well as you help yourself. As they are the part of your closest circle.


Are you alive!

Do you live, sisters and brothers, or are you asleep! Wake up! Do you feel the tremors in your body! As you move! Breathe! Do your eyeballs broaden! Does it give you the creeps! Do you love! Do you love passionately with all your body and soul, at least for a minute! Beetles, tiny creatures, mice, cats, people! Do you laugh! Cry! Exhale loudly! Babble like a kid! Do you shake hands with strangers! Give me a hug! Well, take that damn hug! Don’t wait! Vibrate! Sing! Oh yes, do you sing sometimes in front of anyone!

This help was needed. Not even one question. Simply wake up in the middle of the day. In the middle of this text.



Get up, sleepy ones!

Get up, sleepy ones! The sun appears on the horizon, fresh air enters your room … if you live in the countryside.

Come on over, from the start. Stay in bed (and you in town, as same as you in the countryside), open your eyes, necessarily stretch (on the extension will be discussed later) and take a deep breath. Become aware of yourself rather than getting up as a fury. And please avoid bringing such a drastic tension into your body. It is not easy to move from finely woven empire of dreams into the world of matter. And for your soul it is even more difficult.

Open yourself to the day so you will find any positive notion for it. Put your right hand on your chest, and the left to the right (left-handed the other way around), which will help you to better target the first morning words or prayers, and just think or say: I open up to this wonderful day as positive events are waiting for me; Deep in me is love, harmony and peace, the feelings that I carry with me throughout the day; Everything I do, I do with a smile; In everything I do my big heart is present; This day will bring useful experience to me;…

There a much more other declarations. Depends only on your imagination. For those “concrete” you may just think of: Today big money is waiting for me; No one will be able to resist me; I will ride my car like the biggest maniac alive, and enjoy myself to the fullest;…

Do not think that these statements are inconsistent with life, see the last one: If you run oversomeone while driving insane, clearly you will not have a good time in the local jail. Therefore, as stated above you have ensured the help of at least one angel who will be your co-pilot in your“plane”. But I would not recommend such affirmations in the morning. Strive primarily for an accurate life, and the rest will come to the extent that you need to develop. Neither more nor less.

And we should not forget about a little thing: the morning statement shall be honest, let it come out straight from your heart. You will get the prove by the time it comes true.


Face and teeth

Wash your face with lukewarm water and finish with cool. It’s a great morning massage for the face. For your teeth I highly recommend that you take a little bit of baking soda in your hand (on top of a small spoon), then dip your toothbrush into a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide, pick up the soda of your hands with your toothbrush and brush your teeth for several minutes. Wash your teeth and mouth with half decilitre of lukewarm water in which you have mixed some salt (Himalayan, Celtic or ordinary table salt – any of those is good). Afterwards take a small spoon, stick out your tongue and as far as possible from the roots of your tongue scrape slowly the plaque from it.

Hydrogen peroxide can be purchased at any pharmacy and the soda and salt in a store.

Your gums will no longer bleed and your teeth will be white and firm. For the first breath of morning beauty enough, right?


Spinning of knuckles and breath retention

The rule is extremely simple: spin everything of the body what has a knuckle, which can be bent forward – backward, left – right, either way. Start with your feet. Raise one a little bit up in the air and spin it up – down, then circle with it to the left and to the right. Do the same with the other foot. Then roll the knees, waist (wider circles; tighter circles, more left – right more to the front – back), shoulders, elbows, hands, all up to the head.

How many repetitions? Three for each side should be enough. And over some time you will increase to five. Fairly enough. And do not think on which side first. Left or right – it doesn’t matter. The only thing is you should start to work slower until your body remembers the movement, gains certitude. How much time will it take you? Five to ten minutes.

Pay special attention to the waist. It is the center of your body, both physically and energetically. A lot of breaks happen in there. When you get older your body will be slow, elderly, mostly because you had neglected your waist. The spinning of the waist.

One thing I can say for sure that I am in fact an artist in doing this. I swing my hips in any possible direction, and narrow and wide, pulling in my stomach just like a frenzied belly dancer; I’m doing gorgeous wide circles as a dervish or so fast that your mind stops. And you? Just go for it. And be imaginative. Enjoy every move of that part of the body. This will be reflected in your gait, your posture, your speed.

“Retention of breath” is not what you first thought of. The ordinary breath retention. It is a movement and breath in one. And in addition to you are also stretching. For a good morning there is no better physical therapy.

In the first exercise just stand upright with relaxed arms beside the body. Inhale and at the same time raise both hands along your body and stretch them as high as you can. Follow with your eyes the movement of your hands. Fold your hands above your head and hold your breath. By the time your body feels comfortable with that move, together with the lifting of your hands you will get up on your toes. While exhaling, you lower your arms and relax your body. If the ceiling is too low, as it is the case in my apartment, just kneel down, and so do the exercise.

The duration of breath retention? As long as you feel comfortable. Sometimes you pumped up and feel the need to squeeze more, to hold your breath longer. Do it. And sometimes you feel to be able to hold the breath much longer, but you don’t feel for. So don’t do it.

How to breathe? Freely, however you like and used to know, without thinking about it, just breathe in and out, and the body will do the rest.

At the beginning do three repetitions, and you do not need to increase to more than five.

The same position will be for the second exercise, only the legs are a bit more widespread. Raise your hands along your body and simultaneously take a breath. When the hands are pulled up to a maximum over your head, link your thumbs and with a gasplean your body to the left. Hold your position and your breath as long as you can, then while breathing in bring back your body to the center position. Again while exhaling bend to the same direction, hold your breath and the position and get back while inhaling. After three repetitions, you will descend your hands while exhaling and relax the body. Then repeat it all on the right side.

In the third exercise step out forward slowly with your left foot, put your hands behind your back and connect them with your thumbs (start position), and while exhaling bend forward. Both legs, especially the left one in front of you, keep stretched while you bend. When you have bent forward as much as you can, at the same time lift your head and hands behind your back, while holding the breath.You are inhaling and returning to the starting position. After three repetitions, place your right foot forward and repeat the exercise.

In the fourth exercise the initial position is the same as in the first. Fold your palms in front of the legs and while breathing in the folded and stretched hands you lift slowly in front of you, all up over your head. At the same time you bend the body and head back and throwing the folded palms as much as possible behind you. Stop breathing and stay as long as possible in this position, then while exhalingbend forward so that your stretched arms and upper body are parallel to the ground. Stretch in that position and return to the starting position. Repeat that three times.

For all four exercises you will need ten minutes. Spinning of knuckles and retention of breath – sounds pretty simple, just as it is easy to do. And yet they are so powerful techniques. They indicate a clear signal to your bodythat you care about it. What it will pay you off with interest. You will become an elastic string that stretches and relaxes. And above all constantly vibrating. Of Life.

(For all the exercises images will be included that show the moves.)


Enjoy your meal!

When I think of breakfast, I think of a bunch of fruits: bananas, apples, pears, plums, strawberries, cherries, peaches, apricots, oranges, grapefruits, kiwis, pineapples,.. Straight away I also think of cereals, of oats, feast, rye, barley, wheat. Sometimes I also think of some fried eggs and butter, but we’ll get to that at another time because now we’ll stick to the first version.

In fact, we have already started our breakfast and this before the spinning of knuckles. Already then you’ve poured a glass of wonderful, clear water (spring or tap water) and toasted for the day. You drank the clear water, in short sips, while you were spinning the knuckles, or you had added a teaspoon of apple cider and honey (both or up to your taste one of those). You were thirsty so you drank two glasses of it. Excellent! You could not communicate better news for your digestive system. Just as you would have said to it: Wake up, my dear, it’s time for our daily socializing. Instead of otherwise used to roughly shaking and yelling at it: Come on, lazy one, get into the gear!

But let’s get to something more concrete. Cereals. Hydrargyrum. Organic food. I’m not talking about corn flakes or muesli, talking about the food the ancient Romans were eating when they went to the military tours. I recommend especially oats and feast and rye. A night before mix two tablespoons of it in the mixer and mix it with one tablespoon of oat or wheat bran, with a little spoon of dried brewer’s yeast, with some tree nuts (walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds,…), and dried fruits (raisins, figs, dates, prunes, apricots, pineapples, papayas, …) and soak with water. In the morning, you’ll add a banana and an apple, or any fruit that you like, a little bit of sour cream and crush and stir with a fork. Try this kind of breakfast and you will see the delicious food that keeps you up until lunch without any trouble.

But – and it’s really one big” but”! – before breakfast, say thank you for the food. To God, to Life, to the one who has the honorary position of spiritual authority in your life. If that’s not your habit, if you feel uncomfortable in such a situation (in your own inner or because of the others at the table), it will be fair enough to smile, feel pleasure at the sight of your meal. It will connect you with the essence that feeds and keeps up with you.

Before you go to work you will recall that you are a human being mostly made of water, so you will make your divine nectar (half a liter to a liter). That is going to be your drink and your food. So that way you should look at it and in that way it will affect you.

How to make it? Two bananas, pears, apples, peaches, or a handful of plums, cherries, or some apricots… well, you’ve already figured out, put into a mixer together with five to ten lettuce leaves, spinach, beetroot or two large leaves of cabbage, kale (find something green and edible), add two teaspoons of flax, a little bit of nuts (on demand), and about half a liter of water (if you want it thicker, use less water). Mix for a minute and have your refreshing and rejuvenating drink.

If all this is not enough to satisfy your hunger until lunch, feel free to go and get a hot dog or eat a hamburger. You have an excellent plant basis in your stomach so that all those animal fats will simply drown in it.

Water will eventually become so important to you that you can freely fill a liter of water into a transparent glass bottle, cover with a glass cup (let all be of glass) and leave it at the window or balcony exposed to sunlight. By the summer heat it will be enough for several hours, and when it is not that hot let the bottle be out there for six or seven hours. And do not worry that water will be overheated. Just when you return from work, you’ll have an energized beverage.